Information About Standardized Testing

Stanford Achievement Testing

May 6-8, 2015

Please arrive for testing between 8:30 and 8:45. We will meet in the youth room near the kitchen. Testing will begin at 8:45am. We should be done between 12:00 and 12:30 each day. Students may bring a calculator for certain portions of the test, but not all. Students should also bring a couple of pencils to use while taking the test as well as something quiet to do if they finish early (a book to read silently, drawing supplies or a magazine). Please save electronic device use for some other time.

Families that are testing, please bring healthy snacks/drinks to share with the group. We will have 9 children testing, 9 adults administering/helping, and probably some siblings that will NOT be testing. Also bring $10 to cover the cost of return postage for the testing materials as well as a contribution to the church. If paying by check please make it payable to Karen Bruce or you may bring cash. I’ll make a single check donation to the church after shipping the tests/booklets back to Bob Jones. Test results are typically available 4-5 weeks after testing. If you provided an email address to Bob Jones when you ordered your tests, they will email you when the results are available online.

Please ask your students to be respectful of the church building, cleaning up after themselves and putting things away when finished. As always, running and loud voices should be reserved for outside. The weather folks are forecasting some truly beautiful weather! I hope they are right and that we all get a chance to enjoy it!

Finally, please ensure that your student gets a good night’s rest and a nutritious meal. Remind your student that the test is NOT a pass/fail situation, and encourage the student’s best effort.

Room / Tester Ann Marley Kim Fourman Karen Bruce
1st floor classroom, red carpet near ladies room Keenan Carie – 10th
2nd floor classroom Scout Minnich – 6th

Khendan Carie – 6th

Heritage room Caroline Marley – 5th

Blake – 5th

Heritage room Anna Gordon – 4th

Trey Minnich – 4th

Caitlyn Fourman – 4th

Nathaniel Marley – 4th

Nursery Traci Gordon Joyce Buckels
Kitchen / Youth Room Kristie Carie Catena Minnich

Click here (Testing Info. ) to print out this information.

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Stanford Achievement Testing – May 6th-8th

Testing for 2015 will be May 6th-8th beginning at 8:45 am. Tests are not timed. Typically testing is finished each day between 12 noon and 12:30 pm. The tests will be administered at the First Church of God in Vincennes, IN

A fee of $10 is collected from all families to cover return shipping of the test materials to BJU Press and to compensate the church for use of the facilities. Each family is also asked to bring some healthy snacks that are shared with the group for break times between testing sections.

Testing forms should be ordered from BJU Press by March 24th. You order the forms yourself either online or by mail. Please select the appropriate Standford Achievement test for your child’s grade level and select Karen Bruce as the Test Administrator.  My Tester Id# is 76364001.

Rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz production will follow testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Discussion of group or picnic lunch options will take place as the date gets closer and weather can be determined.


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Time to Update Tester Profiles with BJU Press

If you have not done so already, please update your tester information with BJU Press. Accounts became deactivated if not reconfirmed by the January 31st date.  In order to serve as a tester, your tester account must be up to date prior to our testing session in May.

To update and confirm your information, please go to

  • Log in to your account
  • Select the My Account tab at the top right of the page
  • Then select Test Administrator Profile, if nothing has changed you may simply scroll to the bottom of the page and Save Changes
  • If something has changed, make the corrections and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Changes
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Skiing~Snowboarding~Tubing Update

It was discovered today that every Monday at Paoli Peaks there is an option for Home School Groups.  That means we could join Families First with their ski/snowboard dates, or we could pick our own date.  There is a 15 person minimum requirement for us to be eligible for the group rate of $25 per person.  We would have to notify Paoli Peaks and provide a headcount the Thursday prior.

So, with the potential for slick slopes this Monday, our group may still have another opportunity or two over the next few weeks.

Another idea would be to go Tubing as a group.  Tubing rates are $25 for 3 hours Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  It might be fun to go together on a Friday at 4pm.  Tubing, of course, is good for all ages and skill levels and 3 hours is just enough time to use up all that pent up energy that happens when children have to spend too much time indoors!

Let’s keep an eye on the weather forecast and see what is possible over the next few weeks before spring is fully upon us.

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Paoli Peaks Ski/Snowboard Information

Paoli Peaks Snow Skiing:

Contact: Diana French (812.709.1799)

*February 9 (MUST RSVP by February 5)

Paoli Peaks has a policy in place which asks for an accurate count of the number planning to attend to be given to them 3 days prior to the ski date.  The policy has been in place in previous years, but not enforced.  However, this year they plan to adhere to that policy.  They have been very lenient with our group in the past and I strive to abide to their policies.  You MUST give me an accurate count of the number in your group attending by the RSVP date for each ski date.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve our group in this manner.

$25.00 per person to ski or snowboard; PB & J + $1, Pizza + $3; Meet in the picnic room at 8:45 am ~ Diana French

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Opportunity to Teach Your Teen About the Political Process – Sign Up NOW

To all Home Educators in Region 11,

The IAHE and Region 11 will be hosting a free two hour seminar on October 20, 2014 about how young people can be involved in the political process? Speaker Micah Pearce Youth Director at American Majority which is a non-profit, non-partisan, 501-c3, conservative, organization. Target age is 13 through high school. Parents are welcome. Please feel free to bring a friend!

Date: Monday, October 20
Time: 10:00am
Location: Victory Temple Assembly of God Church, location is 4245 Baden Strasse Jasper, Indiana

Eve Drew

Region 11 Representative

IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators)

Please RSVP if planning to attend by sending an email to:


Micah Pearce Bio

“Micah Pearce is a Wisconsin native and former homeschooler born and raised in
Sheboygan Falls. He was instrumental in recruiting and organizing
homeschoolers to help make a difference in Sheboygan County, where he
was a major player in a grassroots effort that resulted in contacting
over 20,000 voters in the fall 2012 election cycle. He has staffed
several statewide events with TeenPact Leadership Schools across several
states. There he educated students about the political process and
empowered them to champion their values. Micah also frequently
volunteers his time to lead middle school and high school youth groups.
Seeing youth understand and defend their values is a central motivation
to his life and he considers his faith the be the driving force behind
it. He is currently the Youth Director for American Majority Wisconsin,
where he is traveling to speak to groups of students to enable them to
further understand the political system, develop conviction, and
champion their values in their government and culture. This job is yet
another way that he can continue to see youth grow in their
understanding and ability to impact their culture.”
Topics covered include:
The political process and how the three branches work together.
How Christians should relate to, and understand with their government. Whether or not Christian’s should be involved.
How governments differ from each other. And how different governments affect their people.
The Founding Fathers perspective on government, people, and God.
What a principled representative looks like and what they can accomplish.
How you can support candidates who share your values.
How you can communicate with officials already in office, and keep them accountable.
The need to instill Christian values on the cultural level.

I wrap it all up with how powerful young people are by virtue of the fact
that it’s so uncommon for a young person to stand up and speak
passionately and articulately.
One mother said of the presentation,
“Micah’s impressive presentation incorporates a perfect blend of instruction,
humor, interaction, thought-provoking questions, visuals, inspiration,
and personal testimony. The feedback from both teens and parents was
100% positive. We went home that evening with a sense of hope for our
country’s future, and some direction for how to preserve and promote the
principles upon which our country was founded…”
A different mother said,
“I don’t think anyone left Friday night without a positive charge; history
lesson, persuasive speaking tips, motivational energy, government
lesson, humor, super slick visuals, genuine enthusiasm, political
know-how, adoration of God, and a contagious zeal for getting involved
in the way our country is run… You went well beyond any
expectations!… You have truly made a positive, not-to-be forgotten
difference that will reach beyond our fortunate group.”
Another mother said her children said that they were, “…not shy at all in making sure she knew that if even just a handful of their classes could be so inspiring they would love school.”

Micah Pearce
American Majority is a non-profit, non-partisan, 501-c3, conservative,
organization. The larger part of what AM does is train citizens to run
for office. They do great work getting individuals involved in their
governments. However, what I do is separate and unique. I work off of a
private grant to go train students. I’m very glad and blessed to be able
to travel and share my faith in this job.​

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Indiana University Purdue University Indiana App Design Challenge

The School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI announces the 2014 Informatics App Challenge! This competition is open to teams of two to three high school students plus an adult mentor.

High school teams will flex their design and development muscles as they work to complete the best possible solution to this challenge on Saturday, October 25 in the state-of-the-art Informatics and Communications Technology Complex on the IUPUI campus. Cash and scholarship awards will go to the top three mobile app teams. More information is available at

Need to develop these skills? Resources can be found at and

Registration just opened at If you have questions, please contact Vicki Daugherty at

Thank you,

The 2014 App Challenge Organizers

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